SKAM - Part 2 - Diana Galí
ARTICLE BY MAR. Get the clothes from SKAM - the Norwegian innovative and online-based TV series that has taken all of the country by storm.
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SKAM – Part 2

ARTICLE BY MAR, International Coolhunter.


As promised in the previous post, here is an advance with more clothes worn in Norwegian’s TV series SKAM. There are still many more clothes I have identified, but I’m just one single person doing this (and one post would be huge), so I decided I will be posting several articles with more items, in the near future.


But right now, I thought it would be interesting to start with Sana and Chris, since there have recently been a few rumours and news about them, and so far their characters have been little explored.




Sana’s been rumoured to be the main character for Season 3 that starts in the Fall, while no official news have come out on this. Regardless, she is definitely one interesting character that we would like to know more about, and many fans are rooting for her being the 3rd Season’s protagonist. It would be cool to see how they portray the life of the strong Muslim teenage girl that we’ve seen so far on the series, especially within today’s tense atmosphere West-Muslim worlds, not to mention friction regarding immigration politics and increased mistrust that, in the end, affects regular people.


As we saw on the previous post, Sana is a no-bullshit-taker, as the shirt below sums up pretty clearly. Many fans have asked where they could get that statement shirt: and now you can get your own! See below for details.


Sana's v-neck shirt: by artist Creative Angel, in athletic grey.

Sana’s V-neck shirt: ‘I’m not always a bitch’, by artist Creative Angel, in athletic grey.

While there are several designs out there with the slogan ‘I’m not always a bitch’, I spoke to Sheila Pen, the artist behind Creative Angel, and she confirmed that the V-neck Sana wears is her typography design. Now you can get Sana’s V-neck (white print on grey) from Creative Angel, just follow the link the artist gave me and make sure the ‘Athletic grey‘ option is clicked, as shown below:




You can also get the same design in a tank at the link below:–white_tank-top#21=164&45=341&22=166


How to get Sana's V-neck shirt, also available as a tank top. Just make sure 'Athletic grey' is clicked.

How to get Sana’s V-neck shirt, also available as a tank top. Just make sure ‘Athletic grey’ is clicked.



Update 2 July:


Here’s another one of Sana’s funky tops. Namely, a sweatshirt, that she wears in the ‘hytte’ -cabin- Easter episode.

Sana's garment: AH HA sweatshirt, by Monki.

Sana’s garment: AH HA sweatshirt, by Monki.





What will happen to Chris, the eccentric colourful character who lives in her own world and doesn’t give a damn -and who makes everyone laugh- is unsure. According to Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, Ina Svenningdal, the actress playing Chris, just got into Teaterhøgskolen – apparently the most important Theatre school if one wants to be an actor in Norway. She was one of the only 8 people who passed the hard auditions last. So her future in the series? While the TV station NRK hopes she will stay, we will see if that will be a possibility as one of the 5 main girls or if her role becomes a smaller one. No one knows as of yet.


Whatever it is, fans would surely miss her, so we’ll hope for the best. Here are a couple of her clothes that you still can get:


Chris' long sleeve: Monki, Cocco top.

Chris’ long sleeve: Monki, Cocco top.

Get it here:


Chris' silver metallic coat: Monki, Debbie coat.

Chris’ silver metallic coat: Monki, Debbie coat.

Get it here:


Update 21 June:


Here’s one of her colourful jackets, from episode 8, Season 1 (unfortunately, it seems to be sold out):

Chris' jacket: Floral bomber, Monki.

Chris’ jacket: Floral bomber, Monki.


And while I just took a few fast looks, I believe you can still get her backpack, a staple in Scandinavia that has now spread out to the rest of the West.

Fjällräven Kånken, in 021 Fog, if I got the colour right.

Chris’ backpack: Fjällräven Kånken, in 021 Fog, if I got the colour right.


Get it here:



Have you got any of SKAM’s clothes that are not featured on the published articles on this site? Contact us here mar-dianagali @ outlook . com and we will add them.


SKAM photos: NRK / NRK P3

Special thanks to Sheila (Creative Angel) for all the information and help!



—–More SKAM clothes as soon as I can. Keep checking back!


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