SKAM - Part 3 - Diana Galí
ARTICLE BY MAR. Get the clothes from SKAM - the Norwegian innovative and online-based TV series that has taken all of the country by storm.
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SKAM – Part 3

ARTICLE BY MAR, International Coolhunter.


Who did you hook up with?, asks Eva. Of course, parties and hooking up are always part of SKAM: excitement, dressing up to kill, the consequences of (oops!), and… of course, always, HAVING FUN.


That being said, it’s sales time and things are flying off the shelves or disappearing online – among those not having sold out already. So without further ado… here are some more characters that we left out on our 2nd post on SKAM clothes: Eva, Vilde and even minor characters such as Iben or the girl taking part in Penetrator-Chris’ juicy trio at Wilhelm’s party… We’ll leave Noora for another post. Enjoy, happy hunting and keep your wallets safe!


1- EVA

I loved Eva’s use and abuse of beanies on Season 1. Here she’s wearing a classic:


Eva's beanie: Carhartt's Acrylic Watch Hat (in presumably black?).

Eva’s beanie: Carhartt’s Acrylic Watch Hat (in presumably black? With filming filters, one never knows and a dark hue of navy could also be possible; but judging from what Urban store in Oslo had available, we’ll say black is probable).

Get it here:


Here’s a nice mustard one from a renowned American skater company, that unfortunately couldn’t find available:

Eva's beanie: Glock, by Alien Workshop, in mustard.

Eva’s beanie: Glock, by Alien Workshop, in mustard.


One thing I really appreciate from this TV series is that the use of clothing in SKAM is not crazy as we can see in American shows, where there is an abuse of high-end hig-priced items -for highschool atmospheres…-, as well as a heavy rotation. In that way, 10 points for SKAM for being way more realistic: characters wear the same clothes several times, many items are affordable and from teen-young fashion stores, and even the same clothes are used by different characters sometimes, as you can see in this post.


Here is Eva with her A-line pleated skirt (end of Season 1), which Vilde uses on Season 2:


Eva's and Vilde's skirt: Circle skirt with pleats and zip at the back, by H&M (article No. 43-4295); imitation leather, 100% polyurethane.

Eva’s and Vilde’s skirt: Circle skirt with pleats and zip at the back, by H&M (article No. 43-4295); imitation leather, 100% polyurethane.





  • Vilde’s skirt: same as Eva’s.
  • Vilde’s top above: TT Flower top, by Bik Bok, in mustard yellow. If you’re lucky, you might still find it in physical stores!


And here’s the top Vilde contemplates wearing at a party with the hot guy. She likes the top because as she calls it, it is ‘half classy / half slutty’ -in case of beer spilling and see through, at party contexts…, says Eva-.


Vilde's white top: Cina top, by Bik Bok.

Vilde’s white top: Cina top, by Bik Bok.

This is another one that you might still find in physical stores, if lucky.





Here’s another case of 2 characters using the same item. Here, the lovely girl that slaps Eva at the face on Season 1 – she wears the same top as Noora does on Season 2.

Iben's top: Bik Bok, KP North genser in grey.

Iben’s top: Bik Bok, KP North genser in grey.

Again, if you are lucky, you might still find this in physical stores.




And the juiciest one for last… Here’s the top one of the ‘trio girls’ wears while hooking up with Penetrator-Chris.

Bik Bok, West top, in grey.

Trio girl’s top: Bik Bok, West top, in grey.

Get it here:



Have you got any of SKAM’s clothes that are not featured on the published articles on this site? Contact us here mar-dianagali @ outlook . com and we will add them.


SKAM photos: NRK / NRK P3


—–Next article, probably on Noora’s clothes, as soon as I manage. Meanwhile, enjoy midsummer and good luck hunting at the sales!


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