SKAM - Part 7 - Diana Galí
ARTICLE BY MAR. Get the clothes from SKAM - the Norwegian innovative and online-based TV series that has taken all of the country by storm.
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SKAM – Part 7

ARTICLE BY MAR, International Coolhunter.


These are dark times for any SKAM fan who doesn’t live in Norway or in a country where the series has an official license. While we all keep our fingers crossed that NRK and the music industry will manage to get to an agreement and sign a satisfactory deal that allows us poor international mortals to watch SKAM again, I decided to dust off a few files I had saved in my old computer with clothes I found last summer and never had the time to post about. Several of you asked about older items and I thought it was time to post again. That being said, I have to warn about a much higher uncertainty degree here, since old clothes are not online anymore (not even when I dound them back in the summer) and in some cases I won’t be able to state 100% if an item is correct or not. However, I’ll be cautious, as always, and I’ll mention when something isn’t sure.


1- EVA

Who doesn’t identify with Eva, at the party when she throws herself from person to person, ex included and manifesting love feelings for everybody – while being utterly happy (thankfully in blissful ignorance of the mess one is making of oneself)? I love Eva for how natural she is.

Here is her burgundy dress (season 2, episode 3), difficult to catch still, since Eva’s balance is a little off the charts:


Eva: DK Kendall dress (red), by BikBok.

Eva: DK Kendall dress (red), by BikBok. ID number for the dress in black: 7171921. Photo (right): BikBok Nerstranda.


As the majority of old items, unfortunately it is sold out.



I miss Eva’s warm earthly tones that we could see on season 1, especially mustard and burgundy. They looked gorgeous on her. I also miss her clothing style from that first season, as well as her laid back and natural personality, even if the character was supposed to be ‘insecure’ by then. Well, let’s hope we can see more of both in the future.

The short sleeve turtleneck Eva wore on season 1 (episode 9, below; also on episode 4) is by Bik Bok. Unfortunately I can’t post a photo of the item, since the one I have on my computer is from a private listing and shows the seller wearing it.


Eva: Short sleeve turtleneck, ribbed, by BikBok.

Eva: Short sleeve turtleneck, ribbed, by BikBok.




Noora’s winter white turtleneck from her ‘cos I’m the boss’ scene, where she puts William in his right place for mistreating Vilde (season 1), is the one below.


Noora: KP Thea sweater (white), by BikBok.

Noora: KP Thea sweater (white), by BikBok. Sold out. Photo by BikBok Strømmen.


Next is a possible high neck top that Noora wore while asking Eskild if he could hit on Vilde. Below is the green version of the top; it came in cream, but I can’t find the pics I had of that.


Noora: possible top by BikBok, name unknown, ribbed. Sold out.

Noora: possible top by BikBok, name unknown, ribbed. Sold out. Green, here.


I received several e-mails on Noora’s ‘it’s Britney, bitch’ outfit (season 2, episode 2), consisting of black high waist pants with suspenders and orangey-yellow high neck crop long sleev. Unfortunately I never found the right items, but I think the top screams BikBok (ribbed, crop -they had many, last year-, and colour).


Noora's outfit from season 2, episode 1. High waist pants with suspenders and high neck crop top, ribbed. Unknown.

Noora’s outfit from season 2, episode 1. High waist pants with suspenders and high neck crop top, ribbed. Unknown.


Regarding Noora’s pants, I think she was wearing pants + suspenders (separate, not a set), and possibly, man’s suspenders: this is judging from where the metal part sits, since man’s suspenders are pretty long and Noora’s suspenders are way to long for her. I have ‘man suspenders’ by ASOS (see below) and girl’s suspenders by Claire’s, and I believe Noora could have been wearing the ASOS suspenders, because they looked the same (see the back in a Y form), plus the metal pieces sat at the same place as they do on me. Whether these are her real suspenders or not, they are a really close match, and you can still get them at ASOS here.


ASOS suspenders. Details here.

ASOS suspenders, one size. Available here.

As for the pants, I don’t remember finding a match. These looked similar, but I think they are too high.


ASOS evening pants with suspenders

ASOS evening pants with suspenders. Details here




Classic rap band Wu-Tang Clan repeats in SKAM: Jonas is wearing a Wu-Tang Clan hoodie (season 1) and it looks like it’s the one below.


Jonas: Classic Wu-Tang Clan hoodie (gray).

Jonas: Classic Wu-Tang Clan hoodie (gray).


Get it here.





At the girl fight on season 1, Chris is wearing these mustard mittens:


Chris: Tanja mittens, by Monki.

Chris: Tanja mittens, by Monki. Sold out.




Have you got any of SKAM’s clothes that are not featured on the published articles on this site? Contact us here mar-dianagali @ outlook . com and we will add them.



SKAM photos: NRK / NRK P3



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