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ARTICLE BY MAR. Get the clothes from SKAM - the Norwegian innovative and online-based TV series that has taken all of the country by storm.
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From Norway with SKAM!

ARTICLE BY MAR, International Coolhunter.


This will possibly be a post with few wits and more ‘straight to the point’.


Yes, that is before I pass out from watching way too many episodes of bombastic TV series SKAM (meaning ‘shame’, in English), hailing from cold cold cold and far away Norway.


But some kind of introduction is needed for people outside of Norway. Apparently, teen series SKAM has not only Norwegian teenagers but also adults and grandparents glued to screens all over the country. And no wonder, because it’s so addictive one can’t just give up. Norwegian fans –yes, myself included– are asking themselves how they are going to endure the summer without SKAM – that is, until the series resumes with season 3 sometime in autumn. The series’ success has even drawn international attention, and NRK P3, Norway’s TV station back SKAM, counts on selling it abroad under the name ‘Shame’.


But what is SKAM apart from a series about and for teenagers? It is an online TV series that aired first in 2015 and revolves around the life of 5 girls in a high school located in Oslo. Drama-Comedy-Romance, a little bit of everything. In a rather short time span, two seasons have already aired, with the 2nd one having just finished 3 June 2016. Considerable emphasis is placed in social media, so the series has a kind of blog with daily updates/texts and the characters have their own instagram and facebook accounts.


SKAM portrays both universal issues such as how teenagers socialise nowadays via digital platforms and written messages, the search for identity, fitting in, popularity, sex and the hooking up culture, friendship, relationships, the consequences of assuming the worst instead of talking, parties and drinking, anxiety, violence among guys, rape, and specific Norwegian culture topics, such as ‘russetiden’ / ‘russefeiring’, something really big in Norway –while I’ve seen it, I still haven’t completely got it, but it’s supposed to be some sort of celebrating that your school years are over, on your last year in high school–.


You can watch all episodes of SKAM here, with subtitles in Norwegian available, as well as a whole transcript of the episode online, that you can translate into your own language with Google translate. Can you ask for more? I don’t think so.


Below are some of the clothes the girls wear in SKAM, with Noora being the character who’s gotten most attention as a style icon from the series, as well as one of the top popular ones. No wonder, because this Scandinavian ice-blonde with strong opinions and self-confidence can verbally kick guys in the balls.


Noora: SKAM style icon and main character in season 2. Red lipstick signature look. Photo: NRK P3






She dresses in rather baggy and difficult to pull-off high-waist jeans (remember the 90’s?), turtlenecks, button-down shirts and masculine-like shoes, such as oxfords. No screaming patterns or colours. No trying to be overtly sexy and provocative. But with her, we’ve learned that an underrated and rather androgynous style can turn heads with just one thing: an intense red lipstick, her signature look. The secret is keeping the rest simple: try it with your casual jeans, t-shirt or knit top and sneakers, and it will make all the difference.

Noora’s top: H&M, Ribbed off-the-shoulder top, white.

Get it here: or

Noora’s top: ONLY ONLMISTY ribbed crop sweater in light grey melange. After taking a second look, this one might be a nice alt to the actual top, which is possibly from Bik Bok (takk Kaja Moen Sølverød!).

Get the Only alt top in physical stores. Online:


Noora's actual top: Bik Bok, KP North genser.

Noora’s actual top: Bik Bok, KP North genser.


You might be lucky and still find the actual top in some physical Bik Bok stores!

Noora’s top: Bik Bok, Dita top “multi”. Get it in physical stores. Eva’s crop top: Adidas surf cropped tee.

Noora’s top: Bik Bok, Dita top “multi”. Eva’s crop top: Adidas surf cropped tee.

Get Noora’s top in physical stores. Get Eva’s crop top here or



2- EVA

I call her ‘the skater girl’ even if she isn’t, but her season 1 style obviously reminds me of that –I refuse to comment on her 2nd season style–: effortless, natural, sporty, with hoodies, beanies, sneakers – and rocking a kick-ass ginger wavy hair that, somehow, someone decided to amputate for season 2 –!?!–.

Eva’s ‘teddy’ coat: Jean Paul

Eva’s ‘teddy’ coat: Jean Paul




Sana is an interesting addition to the series: she’s a Muslim in a group of Caucasian girls, and can bring taboos down or make for approaching cultures. That being said, she’s blunt, strong and not someone to mess with. While we mainly see her in black, covered in a hijab, within all the blackness, she’s got her funky side, as shown by the details below. She also emphasises on killer make-up: dark plum/red lipstick and smokey eyes with black eyeliner.


Sana’s long t-shirt: H&M


This is either the actual beanie Sana wears or an alternative, since it’s impossible to make out whether the beanie has embroidered letters. Brand Result caps, Awesome vinterlue.

Get it here:




She says little, but her face speaks –hilarious– tons. Chris doesn’t give a damn about what’s going on and lives in her own world. She wears rainbow eccentric clothes or accessories and is not obsessed by her looks.

Chris: Missguided Holographic rain mac / raincoat, pink.

Chris: Missguided Holographic rain mac / raincoat, pink.

Get it here:
or here:




Vilde provides for a lot of humour in the series. She represents many sides in our teens: insecurities, naiveté, obsessing with the good-looking guy and denial denial denial. But she doesn’t try to be cool and everybody can relate to her in some way, even if she seems exaggeratedly ridiculous a number of times. She’s the typical smiling, pink, girly and blond Scandinavian girl.


Vilde’s t-shirt: Bik Bok, Lene t-shirt.

Vilde’s t-shirt: Bik Bok, Lene t-shirt.

Get it here:



While I did my best to identify the actual clothes worn at the show, with no high resolution sources, bare in mind that errors might occur.


For all of you Norwegian-language learners… go get SKAMmed.


And for all of you Norwegian viewers out there: have you got any of SKAM’s clothes that are not featured in this article?

Contact us here mar-dianagali @ and we’ll add them to this post!




SKAM photos: NRK / NRK P3


CREDIT: Some of the clothes identified with the help of SKAM’s largest Facebook fan group (Adidas, ONLY and Bik Bok Dita tops).



——–Update as of 13 June: A second article with more SKAM clothes is in the pipeline. Keep checking for more!


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